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Experienced Custom Brokerage to Speed up Customs Clearance

Customs Brokerage and clearance


Import and export with a peace of mind, with our experienced shipping team to assist all your shipping documentations with a personal touch.



Services offered within Singapore Customs Territory 

We offer the following Clearance and Documentation services

  • > Singapore 7% Import GST Permits
  • > Singapore Export Customs brokerage
  • > Keppel Sea Port Clearance and Changi Air Terminal FTZ Clearance
  • > Cross Border and Transhipment brokerage 


All shipments entering into Singapore Customs Territory requires a Customs Permits. If proper documentation is not in order, cargo might encounter delays and may incurred penalties if Customs deems it to be wilful avoidance.



Customs Brokerage Procedure

Customs Process1

How do you generate a set of Customs Permit?

All Customs Permits are declared via encrypted channels to the Singapore Customs. Declaring agents have to be registered and pass a qualifying test. Shipping documents such as invoice, packing, Carrier sailing confirmation information is required to be enclosed along with the Customs permit. A Customs agent will also notify importer on additional licenses required if they are importing controlled items.


For individuals and business looking to import, they can contact our Customs department via our Contact Form or call us on our hotline for a no obligation enquiry. 


Access into Customs Controlled Premises

Both Sea Port and Air Terminal are within Singapore's Police restricted access facilities. As such, We would like to seek the understanding of our Customers that pictures cannot be taken within the port premises. Our port clerks and terminal supervisors are located within premises to ensure that cargo condition is in condition for clearance or export.  For more information on our Local Logistics services, refer to our trucking services.


Other special documentation services for Singapore Territory 

  •  Project cargo wharf clearance
  • ♦ Bill of Lading preparation
  • ♦ Cross Trade Documentation
  • ♦ Consolidation Documentation
  • ♦ Strategic Controlled item declaration
  • ♦ Country of Origin (COO) Application and Collection


Services offered beyond Singapore Customs Territory 



Cross Border, Transshipment and Customs Brokerage

Leveraging our position as a geographical hub, We provide connections between ports across the globe. Assisting businesses arrange Timely shipments of Full containers between major port destinations to meet their commercial demands. Refer to our shipping services for more information.


International Customs Brokerage is available in selected Ports and Terminals. The local customs agent will assist with declaration and matters to ensure that your cargo movement is not hindered and in order with local requirements. Please check with us for availability of services.




Contact us to find out more how what we can assist in your international shipping.

Our Current Serviced Industries

♦ Fast Moving Consumers Goods (FMCG)

♦ Medicines & Traditional Medicinal Herbs

♦ Food & Health products (Consumerables & Equipments)
♦ Precious Investment Metal Products

♦ Oil and Gas 

♦ Government linked Projects

♦ International Major Exporter Manufacturer (ME)
♦ & many more



What documents are required

Packing List,

Commercial Invoice,

Company Registration Number,

License (If Any),

MSDS (if any),

Bill of Lading or Airway bill,

Notice of Arrival 


HS code Determination


Contact us to assist you in your Customs processing to ensure that the appropriate HS code is in place. Certain HS codes have import & export restriction, which require submission of license & approval.