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International Air Freight Forwarding

Connect to Worldwide destinations with ease with our Air Freight Forwarding services. We offer International import and export linkage to major air gateways around the World. Together with our Global Partners, we will complete the last mile delivery for your cargo. We have the expertise in handling all cargo such as Dry medicinal herbs, precious metals, precursors for manufacturing,  and many other general cargo.


> Global commercial Connectivity 

> Express Freight movement

> Customs Brokerage and Documentation handling 

> Warehouse storage and Distribution

> Oversize / Overweight freighter project shipments

> L/C cargo management

> Casing/Crating/Palletization of shipment

> Terminal to Terminal / Door to Door / Multimodal Transport


Our Gateway portals are located over 100 terminals in Asia, North America, Europe & Middle East. Within selected terminals, we offer multimodal transport where our ground team can warehouse pickup to flight or terminal to Door delivery via our truck fleet.


For small parcels and express packages, we have partnership with DHL Global Express for contract rates. Enquire more details from our operators on our special arrangements. 



Port of calls


China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei


Australia, New Zealand,


Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

North America

United States of America, Mexico, Canada


South Africa

Middle East

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar


How do we calculate your loose cargo freight cost?

Our charge is based on greater of either Actual Weight or Volumetric Weight. Please enquire for quote rate


How to calculate Volumetric Weight?

Length x Breadth x Height / 6000 x Number of units. All measurements are in centimetres (cm). Warehouse will verify weight & dimension upon receiving shipment. Exception in computation may apply in certain countries.


Do we accept long height or overweight loose cargo?

Yes, we do accept such overlength/ overweight loose cargo subjected to carrier space availability. Generally for passenger flight cargo loading, max height is 2.00 metres, max length & width is 2.20 metres. Freighter plane loading can accept larger dimension buffer. Please check with our operators on whether can your shipment be accepted.

What shipment is under restricted conditional loading?
Products with Batteries, Magnetic Fields, Dangerous Goods Class cargo. Please provide Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Packing list and pictures of cargo prior to shipping such shipment.


What type shipment that we do not accept?

Refrigerated air cargo, fresh product, Live stock & animals, explosives


Door to Door Delivery for Air Freight

We do handle air freight door to door delivery for selected countries using our local delivery teams. Please check with our local operators whether the requested service is available.

Protecting your shipment for export